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William Laurent
Executive Vice President Data Warehousing and Project Management

Before originating Loyer TCG's data warehouse practice, William Laurent left Gartner Group in 1995 and founded National Information Management Inc. in New York City, where he served as company President and narrowly escaped the September 11th tragedy. William has a diverse systems background-successfully designing and managing the implementation of projects for the insurance, banking, finance, publishing, government, technology, entertainment industries. The author of several white papers, he continues to be in demand as a data warehouse architect and lecturer. An inveterate Japanophile and traveler to Asia, Mr. Laurent's hobbies include Asian and European cooking, creative writing, and zazen meditation. Holding an M.F.A. in Musicology his free time is occasionally spent composing and critiquing music.

Client Projects:

(Loyer TCG):
Morgan Stanley
Arch Insurance Group
HypoVereins Bank (New York)
Eighth Nerve

(National Information Management):
American Express
American International Group (AIG)
American International Credit (AIC)
American International Underwriters (AIU)
Calle Verde Inc.
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
City of New York
Columbia University
Computer Associates
Four Seasons International
Kodansha Publishing
Precise Solution
Smart Systems Inc.
Union Bank of Switzerland
Swiss Bank

Personal Affiliations

Japan Society - New York, NY (Patron 1999-Present)
Asia Society - New York, NY (Patron 1999-2002)
Sierra Club (Lifetime Membership Level)