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Loyer TCG is a technology consulting and custom web application development company. Founded in January 1999, our company has over two decades of professional experience. Our experts bring significant skill and knowledge in each of their fields which collectively provide our clients the means, knowledge, and opportunity to succeed in their technology endeavors.
Content Management Systems
Multilingual Websites
eCommerce/Billing Systems
Sales Management Tools
Wireless Applications
Web-based Email System
Email Delivery/Tracking Systems

Data Warehouse Analysis, Modeling, Design
Applied Data Mining and Convergence
Executive Business Analysis

Highly Available Clustered Servers
Web-based Email Solutions
Fast Email Delivery Service
Custom Security Solutions

3CX Software IP PBX
Twilio Integration
Hudson Valley Business Phone Systems

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Paid Search - AdWords, PPC, Banners
Geo Marketing - Maps, Location, Local
Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Blogs
Mobile - Marketing, Apps, QR Codes
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Benefits of Custom Software Development
Maximize employee efficiency
With the automation that custom software provides, work that would have taken hours to do may only take a few minutes.
Software evolves as your business grows
Your software can continuously evolve to meet your changing business needs.
Fast turn-around times on the changes you need
Requesting changes to commercial off-the-shelf products may not be possible and if they are, it could take a full year to implement.
Streamline business processes
Not only does this save you time and money it also improves accountability and makes training new staff easier.
Reduce overhead
Custom software can dramatically reduce overhead because what used to take five full time employees may only take one.
No ongoing licensing costs
With many commercial off-the-shelf products you have to pay an ongoing licensing or subscription fee. Instead of letting the software company choose how to upgrade your system, you are able to spend your money on software improvements that benefit your business.
Obtain business critical data
You are able to collect exactly the data points you need to answer questions about your business.
Improve data security
You have complete control over who has access to what and when.
We found the list of benefits above on a website of a custom software solutions company out of Sacramento, CA. We thought it was a great summary of what we usually explain to all of our clients. We changed it slightly to better match our services and goals. Source: Inspironix
What's in a name? Or a logo?
What does Loyer TCG mean? Back in January 1999, two brothers started the company. Their last name was "Loyer". TCG stands for Technology Consulting Group. (It used to stand for Technical Consulting Group but we felt that the word technology was more focused than technical). Even Technology Consulting Group is a little vague, why not be more focused? We primarily focus in internet related programming, hosting and managed services, and database and data warehousing technologies. Occasionally, we do venture out of these specialties. We did not want to brand our company too specifically as technology is constantly changing and over the years the company may move in or out of certain areas. We have toyed with abstract names that don't really mean anything but just sound cool like the well known company "razorfish". Either we weren't creative enough to find one we liked, the domain name was already taken, or the name just seemed a little ridiculous. Ultimately, the founders decided that their name added a level of integrity and trust. Their names were on the line. After all, who wants to trash their own name?
What about the logo? Is that supposed to be the big dipper or something? Logo Dots

The dots represent change. From a square to a circle. The concept of following a path and adapting along the way. We feel this is vital to every system built today. Technology changes too quickly to be stuck in one shape or technical architecture. Every system built at Loyer TCG is designed with the concept that it will grow and change along the way. We try and build foundations (frameworks) that will enable our client to build on top of the investment they are making today so that tomorrow they can reuse it.
Where's your bottom nav?
Where's our About Us, Contact Us, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Copyright, etc? Well, we just told you about us. Our company does business primarily by referral, so you have to know someone who knows someone. Still want to reach us, try linkedin.com. We have no terms of use other than to be nice and don't break anything. You are worried about privacy and you are using the internet? But don't worry, we add these items to our client's websites.

Regarding copyright, we do like our logo, so don't copy that. We license most of our images from iStockPhoto. We like them too so don't steal anything. Their prices are very reasonable, so go get your own. Feel free to view source and use any of the code that you find. We think our code is great and want to share. The content within the data warehousing section is either copyrighted to the magazine that published it or to William Laurent.

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